The BB&T Atlanta Open and Giving Kitchen Selected for ATP ACES for Charity Grant Programme



The BB&T Atlanta Open and Giving Kitchen were selected for the 2020 ATP ACES for Charity grant programme, among eight other charities worldwide, including the Australian Red Cross, Novak Djokovic Foundation and Rafa Nadal Foundation. A grant of $/€15,000 will be awarded to the Giving Kitchen, on behalf of the ATP and the BB&T Atlanta Open. 


This year’s grant recipients aim to make a difference to the lives of many through their work in disaster relief, childhood development and education. The receipients are nominated by ATP Tour players, tournaments and alumni.


The BB&T Atlanta Open first began working with Giving Kitchen in 2017. Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources, with the goal of helping foster a food service community in which crisis is met with compassion and care, providing direct grants to food service workers based on financial need and a qualifying crisis. The ATP ACES For Charity grant will provide a minimum of eight crisis grants, providing peace of mind and stability to a food service worker and their family.


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