Enjoying The Food And Beverages At The International Food Court

July 23, 2011 08:44 PM
By Melissa Nodvin, ATC
The International Food Court provides a wide selection of food, drinks and seating for 400 hungry ticket holders. Selections range from hearty cheeseburgers, pizza, BBQ sandwiches, and turkey wraps down to salads, fresh fruit and chips.
Beverages are a big seller. Coke products, Gatorade, Evian water, Corona beer, Clos du Bois wine and cocktails from Rémy Martin are also available.
Lots of meals and drinks will be served … the question is: How much?
Here is a breakdown of the most popular items served this week through Thursday:
Burgers: 2,300
Chicken breast sandwiches: 1,600
Hot dogs: 3,400
Wraps: 400
Fresh fruit bowls: 500
Cobb salads: 650
PROM Management is the food service vendor providing food all at various locations throughout the tournament. Additionally, it will feed the players, volunteers, tournament staff, media and others.
This family-owned business is an experienced food vendor and has extensive experience within the golf and tennis tournament circuit.
"We are always looking at ways to improve our menu selections," said Samantha Igo, sales executive for PROM management.
With a more health-conscious tennis crowd, PROM plans to introduce new items for future tennis events. Fans are looking for healthier options that are lower in fat, sugar and salt but are also tasty. Items under consideration are Greek yogurt parfaits with granola and fruit, Asian style noodles with fresh vegetables and fruit smoothies.
"We are definitely seeing food preferences between the golf and tennis fans and their desire to include healthier options," said Igo.
Stay hydrated, stay satisfied and enjoy the Atlanta Tennis Championships.