Ambassador Andrew Young Named Honorary Chairman

June 17, 2010 01:50 PM
Andrew Young, USTA officials along with staff and kids at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA.
In the First of its 2010 Olympus US Open Series Legacy Program USTA to Refurbish Tennis Courts at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA

ATLANTA, GA, JULY 12, 2010 – The Atlanta Tennis Championships named Andrew Young, former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations and noted civic and business leader in Atlanta, the honorary chairman of the inaugural Atlanta Tennis Championships.  The Atlanta event, owned and operated by USTA Southern, will serve as the kick-off to the 2010 Olympus US Open Series.

In his role as honorary chairman, Ambassador Young is working with the tournament to reach out to the large and diverse tennis communities throughout greater Atlanta.  Atlanta is one of the most vibrant tennis markets in the United States with the highest number of per capita USTA members and the largest USTA Leagues program in the nation.  Ambassador Young will also provide introductions on behalf of the tournament to members of the Atlanta business community to help ensure the future success of the tournament in the coming years.  Young began playing tennis as a member of Congress, and was a long-time friend of tennis humanitarian and icon Arthur Ashe.  Young presided at both Ashe’s wedding and funeral.

"We’re honored to name Andrew Young, one of Atlanta’s most noted residents, who has served this City as its Mayor, has served his country as Ambassador to the United Nations, and continues to serve this community in so many ways, the honorary Chairman of the Atlanta Tennis Championships," said Rex Maynard, USTA Southern Section President.  "With his leadership and guidance, our tournament will be a success for years to come."

As part of the Olympus US Open Series legacy program, the USTA will refurbish the tennis courts located at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA, which will also incorporate the USTA Atlanta National Junior Tennis & Learning chapter, run by Bill Olson.  The two courts presently on-site will be converted in to four 36-foot courts for kids under 10 years old and one 60-foot court.  The conversion of the courts is part of the new teaching philosophy that places younger players on appropriately-sized courts with appropriately-sized racquets and low compression balls.  In addition to the court conversion, the USTA will upgrade the court drainage, as well as ensure that all the courts are handicap accessible.